The first establishment of our company started with its registration as a private company in 2003.

In later years, it has become its current state with the commitments that has been received.

Design for the establishment of pharmaceutical, food, veterinary, biocidal, cosmetic, biotechnology, veterinary vaccine, as well as medical production facilities has been identified as the main subject of activity.

The project design of above-mentioned operating facilities, then consulting and project management during their construction, as well as the selection and supply of equipment suitable for investments, have been added to the issues we are interested in.

Our team has been continuously developing according to the necesities and abroad applications are also within its scope since its establishment. In foreign commitments, Turkish suppliers are also included in these projects. Our team closely follows local and international directives and regulations and plays an active role in the phase from project drawing to management.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable growth and international recognition. Our new colleagues will create our greatest strength to achieve this goal.

The satisfaction of our customers in the area where we provide services is our greatest pride. Sustainibility of this situation is our main goal.

Best regards,